Thursday, May 14, 2015

Poverty: Not a Choice Video Series – The Way It Really Is (New Video)


“There are students out here living a harder life than most would ever know,” Lincoln Public Schools junior Rose Gaffner said. ” It’s hard to go to school every day when your family is struggling with basic necessities.”

Often times, students in poverty are dealing with other responsibilities at home and they don’t have any choice but to attend to those matters of survival before prioritizing their school work. In “The Way It Really Is,” audiences hear the story of a family torn apart by circumstance and learn of a student trying to help to put the pieces back together.

This piece tackles the misperceptions of families in poverty, the stereotypes that accompany those families that receive assistance and the disbelief that those in poverty are compliant.


Poverty: Not a Choice is a special Nebraska Loves Public Schools video series featuring the stories and talent of Nebraska Youth in Poetry. Directed by Patsy Koch Johns, performed by Nebraska students and inspired by true stories of students facing poverty in Nebraska, each segment in this series explores the day-to-day realities faced by public school kids who are living in poverty across the state.