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Urban Agriculture Academy

The Urban Agriculture Academy at Omaha Bryan High School is not your typical ag-education program. In the Academy, students learn how to take traditional agriculture principles and adapt them for the city, by utilizing a dedicated space on Bryan High’s campus and a small plot of land donated by a private farm down the street from the school.

On any given day, students in the Academy test soil, plant crops, maintain gardens, and tend to their chickens. Inside the classroom, agriculture is integrated into all subject areas, like biology, math, world history, and even government. Outside the classroom, those lessons are supplemented by hands-on learning activities in the garden, farm, and chicken coop.

Of the more than 100 diverse students who participate in the Urban Agriculture Academy, most live in urban neighborhoods. For the majority of students who have never had any exposure to agriculture, experiencing firsthand the process of how food is made – from seed to grocery cart – is a powerful learning experience. Most importantly, students in the Urban Agriculture Academy learn that a future career in agriculture isn’t necessarily restricted to cows and plows, but instead can focus on technology, biology, agronomy, economics, or even financial services. In an ag-focused state like Nebraska, the Urban Agriculture Academy students will be well-prepared for the limitless career opportunities that await them.

Omaha Bryan High Urban Agriculture Academy

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Whether you work in the agriculture industry or have a passion for gardening, ask how you can share your skills with your local school.

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Teachers go to great lengths to make sure all of their students have what they need to be successful. Ask your local school if there is a list of requested classroom supplies, or other needs for a special program.

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