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The Whole Child: Health and Wellness

Across the nation, health and wellness has become a prominent issue in academic life. Research has shown that incorporating healthy lifestyle supports into student life directly relates to classroom performance – a healthier student is better equipped for learning. Because of this, schools with prioritized health and wellness programs create a more effective school environment and help students and teachers achieve their best.

In The Whole Child, watch how schools, teachers, administrators and community partners incorporate and care for all aspects of students’ lives  to prepare them  to be focused and fit for the classroom and for life.

Screened at the 2014 Student Health Advocacy Coalition Senate and Congressional Briefings in Washington, D.C.

Selected for the 2015 ASCD National Conference

How to Take Action

Share The Film

Use the power of your social network to share The Whole Child with your friends and followers.


Share Your Support

Email your elected official about the importance of supporting Health and Wellness programs in our schools.

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Other Ways You Can Take Action

Support school walkathons, 5ks and other school-sponsored community awareness activities.

Practice healthy habits with your children.

Ask your child’s pediatrician's office to share the film with students and parents.

Host a screening of The Whole Child with colleagues, friends and family, or request a screening from the Nebraska Loves Public Schools team. Host a screening!

Tour a school in your neighborhood, show interest in the health and wellness activities at the school and ask what you can do to further support their efforts.