Standing Up To Poverty

In traveling across the state, visiting dozens of schools and interviewing hundreds of educators about the most pressing issues in education, there’s an overarching theme in all of the stories we’ve filmed to date: poverty has an impact on a child’s ability to learn.

When a student is hungry, sick, tired, falling behind, not ready to be in school or simply can’t speak English, schools assume this responsibility and must take on these basic needs for every child before they can even approach academics. With nearly two in five Nebraska children living in low-income households, the issue of poverty in education needs a community’s collective impact and continuous support to find the most effective solutions and pave the way for success.

Standing Up to Poverty identifies some of the common challenges students living in poverty face and highlights some of the ways Nebraska schools are addressing the issue. But perhaps most importantly, the film encourages viewers to do their part – whether by volunteering time or resources, or by sharing this film to help generate awareness and support. We can all make an impact in our local community and state. Watch Standing Up to Poverty to learn how.



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