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Ready for Kindergarten

Preparing a child for school doesn’t start the moment he or she walks into the kindergarten classroom. The preparations start the moment that child is born.

Students’ very first classroom is their home environment. Their lessons are the words they hear, the books they’ve been read and the world they’re exposed to in their formative years. Studies show that the first five years of life determine a child’s long-term learning path – however, in Nebraska, 40 percent of children live in low-income households where the opportunity for this type of enriched, early learning may not always present itself to families struggling to make ends meet. As a result, the moment these students walk into a  kindergarten classroom, they’re likely already behind their peers.

In this film, see why intentional early learning programs have become crucial for children from at-risk backgrounds and learn just what it takes to get all children Ready for Kindergarten.

How to Take Action

Host a Screening

Host a screening of Ready for Kindergarten with colleagues, friends and family. Request a free screening from the Nebraska Loves Public Schools team now!

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Share Your Support

Contact your elected officials about the importance of funding Early Childhood Education programs in our state.

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Other Ways You Can Take Action

Use the power of your social network to share the film with your friends and followers.

Ask your child’s pediatrician's office to share the film with new parents.

Call a local early childhood center and donate books, supplies and other items to help parents and children.

Spread knowledge about early childhood programs and motivate others to see the the value and impact for our future.