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It Takes a Community – Valley County, NE

The community of Valley County, Nebraska invests in its students in a big way. With a focus on entrepreneurship and a commitment to its youth, one of the most successful ways Valley County illustrates this investment is through the annual Entrepreneurship Investigation (ESI) Camp.

With curriculum developed by the University of Nebraska and Nebraska 4-H now in its fourth year, ESI Camp hosts 20-25 students from Valley County and surrounding communities. ESI Camp students attend workshops over four days where they develop, design and build their own products. Throughout the week, students build their entrepreneurship skills and learn what it takes to compete in a global marketplace – right in their hometown. On the last day of ESI Camp, the students showcase and sell their products to community members at the ESI Marketplace.

Ask almost anyone why the ESI Camp is so successful and you’re sure to get the same answer:  it’s a true community-wide collaboration where members of the local business community share their time and talents with students.

Watch how Valley County rallies to engage its students and click here to learn how other community partners across the state are enhancing students’ experience in and out of the classroom in the 30-min documentary, “It Takes a Community.”


How to Take Action

Share Your Skills

Share your skills. Use your talents to help students develop theirs. Tutor a student through your local school, or become a formal mentor.

Find A School

Share Your Support

Help spread the word about how community partnerships make a big impact in education.

Spread The Word

Other Ways You Can Take Action

Simply tour a school in your neighborhood. Showing interest in what’s going on at the school lets students, teachers and administrators know the community is behind them.

Share your time. Whether you can drop by once a week, once a month, or once in awhile, ask a school in your community if they could use a helping hand with anything.

Schedule your company’s career day. Visit a classroom and teach students about the work you do. Inspire them to pursue a career path that interests them.

Invite classrooms into your office or workspace. Dedicate one hour to talk to students about your industry. Introduce them to what happens in your profession.

Be supportive. Encourage and support employees and co-workers who donate their time to help students learn.