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Norris Public Schools: Special Education

At Norris Public Schools, students from pre-school through 12th grade can count on a fully integrated approach to special education. Because social relationships are such an important part of school life, Norris advocates Circle of Friends, a nationally-recognized initiative that encourages general education students to reach out to their special education peers. In a Circle of Friends students form real friendships, learning about each others’ differences and, more often than not, similarities.

For students with severe disabilities, the school offers a Life Skills program that helps teach them how to live more independently. From learning job skills through a work-study program (Project SEARCH), to learning how to cook and do laundry, the program helps prepare students for life after high school. Instead of forcing students to fit one mold, the educators at Norris recognize that each child is different, and that with the right support from teachers and friends, any child can be successful.

Circle of Friends

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Project SEARCH

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How to Take Action

Tour A School

Simply tour a school in your neighborhood. Showing interest in what’s going on at the school lets students, teachers and administrators know the community is behind them.

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Share Your Time

Share your time. Whether you can drop by once a week, once a month, or once in awhile, ask a school in your community if they could use a helping hand with anything.

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