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Morton: Expanded Learning Opportunities for Young Minds

While a typical workday for parents might end at five or six in the afternoon, a typical school day ends hours earlier. For families without access to after-school care, this leaves a large time gap during which many children go unsupervised in empty homes. While many high schools and elementary schools offer before- and after-school opportunities for their students, middle school students often do not have the same types of extended day programs. Seeing this void, Morton Magnet Middle School in Omaha partnered with Boys & Girls Club of Midlands (facilitated by Collective For Youth) to create a ground-breaking, after-school program that addresses students’ social, emotional, and academic needs.

In the program, named Panther Pack after the school’s mascot, students spend half the time working on homework with tutors, and half the time participating in fun team activities, like sports or hands-on projects specifically designed to link back to their school work. Many of the hands-on projects are facilitated by outside providers. But perhaps the most important component of the program is the sense of belonging, and the confidence that students often gain with feeling supported and prepared.

Interesting Facts

Program Goal 1: Encourage students to be more engaged in school.

Program Goal 2: Ensure students are making constructive use of the time between 3 and 6:00 p.m.

Program Goal 3: Target kids with low level reading and math scores and using the time to help bring them up to grade level.

How to Take Action

Share Your Time

Whether you can drop by once a week, once a month, or once in awhile, ask a school in your community if they could use a helping hand with anything.

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Share Your Support

Donate your time or resources to community partners who support students (like Collective For Youth, Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands, Girls Inc., or YMCA of Greater Omaha, to name a few).

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