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Millard: Montessori for Middle School

At Millard Public Schools’ Central Middle School, Montessori-based teaching techniques create empowered, thoughtful and self-motivated young adults. The key components of Montessori philosophy are differentiated instruction for all students, very concrete experiences before abstract, multi-age classrooms and peace education.

Montessori teachers act as a guide as students manage their learning at their own pace. The result is a more confident student who feels empowered to learn and understand. Kids are encouraged to ask their peers for opinions and help on assignments, and these relationships build a sense of community that is unlike traditional schools. The Montessori system also lends itself to teaching acceptance of others, as students are encouraged to share positive feedback about their classmates in their daily morning meetings. The underlying premise of individualized learning is that everyone is different and that’s okay.

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Simply tour a school in your neighborhood. Showing interest in what’s going on at the school lets students, teachers and administrators know the community is behind them.

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