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Liberty Elementary: A Community Solution

It takes a village to raise a child. At Liberty Elementary School in Omaha, teachers and administrators create a unique sense of community that results in empowered students, involved families, and an incredible array of resources for both.  They accomplish this with a focus on communication that shatters socio-economic, cultural and language barriers.

With 95 percent of Liberty students coming from homes living under the poverty line, educators have to get creative to provide the resources the children need to succeed. From study skills programs, to an on-campus health clinic, to English classes for parents, Liberty is proving that with the right opportunities any child can achieve great things. By teaching students that school is their job, children learn focus and responsibility that will benefit them in the future. The school has become a true haven for students and parents alike.

How to Take Action

Share Your Resources

Donate resources to a school in need. Call the principal ahead of time to ask what the school needs most and how you can contribute. A simple donation can go a long way.

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Share Your Support

Contact your state representatives to voice your support of public schools.

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Other Ways You Can Take Action

Help spread the word about how poverty impacts education.

Provide classroom supplies to a local school. Not all students are able to show up to school on the first day with a backpack full of the supplies that they need for a year full (or even day) of learning.

Donate your time to community partners who support schools and students in need, like Food Bank for the Heartland, Building Bright Futures, or Completely Kids.

Donate directly to a school’s emergency fund. Schools sometimes use these funds to help families during a time of crisis. Whether it’s 100, 50 or 5 dollars, whatever you can give might seem like a small gift, but this money can make a big difference and help keep students ready and able to learn.

Give to local public schools funds. These organizations specialize in distributing donations and gifts directly to schools in need. Call your local school to find out which organizations they work with to accept monetary donations.