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Kearney High: Career Education For All

When students graduate from Kearney High School, they’re equipped to answer the big question: what do you want to do after graduation?

With a career-focused curriculum, Kearney High customizes the high school experience for each student, approaching academic development alongside career discovery. This school-wide career effort encourages students to explore their passions early and helps them make more confident decisions about their post-secondary paths.

Starting with career assessments freshman year, students evaluate their work values, strengths, and interests. They begin to shape their future by selecting courses based on Small Learning Communities, classes grouped together based on the Nebraska Career-Readiness career fields. This career education process exposes students to a variety of experiences and provides students more independence and ownership of their education.

Across the school, this approach encourages teachers to contextualize lessons to become more relevant to each student’s end goal. As a result, students are more engaged and interested in what and how they’re learning, ultimately providing students an active role in preparing for their next steps after graduation.

Watch how Kearney High School has customized the high school experience for each student, increasing opportunities and future-readiness for all.

'Nebraska Loves Public Schools' films Kearney High School.

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Kearney High to star in short film.

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Kearney High prepares students for life in the real world.

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