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Girls STEAM Academy

With help from community partners in the STEAM industries, one summer program has made a big impact helping young women of color believe that they can be anything they want to be – in their future careers and in life.

Facilitated by the Urban League of Nebraska, the Girls STEAM Academy is a six-week summer program that exposes high school women of color to a variety of careers in science, technology, engineering, agriculture, and math. Whenever possible, the Academy strives to introduce the students to women, especially women of color, who are working in STEAM fields. The students visit different organizations in the area, listen to presentations, do hands-on career workshops, and participate in job shadow days.

However, when it comes to the Girls STEAM Academy, it’s not just about math and science. Nicole Mitchell, the program’s creator and facilitator, realized that she couldn’t teach STEAM without first breaking down barriers, dispelling negative perceptions, and building up her girls’ confidence. As a result, students in the Girls STEAM Academy approach their STEAM education and career ambitions with the understanding that anything is possible.

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If your job has a direct tie to the STEAM fields, find out how your company can get involved or how you individually can share your skills with underrepresented students in your community.

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