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Early Childhood Education: A Foundation for Success

Though early childhood education (ECE) is important for all children, many families, especially those living in poverty, don’t have access to the kinds of comprehensive ECE programs that benefit their kids in the short- and long-term. So when educators at Crete Public Schools started noticing that children from at-risk families (teen parents, migrant families and other low-income households) were starting kindergarten academically and socially behind their more affluent peers, they knew something must be done to address the issue.

Crete Public Schools answered the challenge by creating a comprehensive ECE program that empowers families and children, paving their road to success. The program is available to children ranging from birth to kindergarten-age, and addresses a variety of learning areas, including literacy, language, math, social-emotional skills, and technology. Perhaps the most important element in Crete’s ECE program is its focus empowering families to play the primary role in their children’s success.

Other Ways You Can Take Action

Use the power of your social network to share the film with your friends and followers.

Ask your child’s pediatrician's office to share the film with new parents.

Call a local early childhood center and donate books, supplies and other items to help parents and children.