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Connecting Creativity and Community: The Cozad Maker Fair

Between cold weather, shorter days, and the far-off thought of summer, winter months can be a difficult time for students. However, one special opportunity developed by Cozad High School helps students lift their spirits and regain focus to complete a successful second semester.

Through many hours of brainstorming and planning, teachers assemble a two-day Maker Fair to create a break from traditional classwork and engage students in courses related to various hobbies, interests, and life skills. Between yoga and home cooking, fencing and taxidermy, athletic training and event planning, the class roster is expansive and continually evolving to create programs to spur interests and untapped hobbies.

However, in its fourth year, the curriculum includes more than 65 different classes taught by both teachers from within the building and community members from the surrounding area, in an effort to show students what local business has to offer and to expose them to potential skills sets and career options.

Watch how Cozad Public Schools engages its students and community to spark new interests, generate new ideas, and explore possibilities together.

Beyond the Curriculum: Cozad's Maker Fair bonds students with staff and community

– Nebraska Public School Advantage

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