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Collaborating for Kids: Professional Learning Communities

How do schools create an environment where every student can feel valued, challenged and encouraged to be his or her best? It starts with strong collaboration among teachers and staff.

Over the past few years, South Sioux City Community Schools have adopted a Professional Learning Community (PLCs) to focus on individual student achievement in an effort to help all kids succeed.

In a typical PLC meeting, classroom teachers, school specialists and administrators discuss everything from grade-level goals and shared expectations, to interventions and enrichments for specific students who need extra help or additional challenge. This intentional collaboration allows teachers to differentiate their lessons, brainstorm new ideas with one another and provide added support for students in neighboring classrooms. Most importantly, the process ensures consistency. Though each teacher’s approach might differ, all students receive the same skills to advance to the next grade and they use the same tools to assess their individual progress.

Learn how staff collaboration has elevated school culture, improved student growth, and ensured kids that all teachers in the building are there to help them find success.


Interesting Facts

44 percent of teachers in the South Sioux City Community Schools have a Master's Degree.

The average public school teacher in South Sioux City Community Schools has more than 10 years of teaching experience.

For more than 30 years, versions of the Professional Learning Community model have been adopted by schools across Nebraska and all over the country.

How to Take Action


Teaching is a complex job. Take a tour of a school in your neighborhood for a glimpse of classroom life and to see our teachers in action. Show interest in what's going on at the school and let teachers and students know the community is behind them.

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Whether its classroom supplies, a monetary donation to a school's emergency fund or to a nonprofit that helps support schools in need, contributing to your local schools can help keep students ready and able to learn.

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