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Lincoln High: All The World’s A Stage

How can a high school theatre program change the course of a student’s life? Teacher Patsy Koch Johns proves that whether you’re on the stage or in the audience, theatre can change perspectives and attitudes, and be a force for positive change.

Ms. Koch Johns built her theatre program on one main idea: that every child should feel they are fantastic at something, and that it is the role of teachers to help students feel wanted and appreciated. She and her fellow teachers actively encourage every student at Lincoln High to get involved, whether in costume design, set making, or acting in one the program’s 11 annual productions. Her mantra? Go be great. And she truly believes in each student’s ability to do just that. Watch how the Lincoln High theatre department acts as a safe haven, a place where students will be accepted no matter who they are.

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Attend student art showcases, like gallery nights, recitals, and poetry slams, to show support for the arts in your local school and community.

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Share Your Time

Support programs in your industry that help provide understanding to what the arts are about. Talk to students about how you use the arts in your job and help them discover their own career opportunities.

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