Tuesday, May 2, 2017

More than academics: Schools, community prepare students with real world skills

From filing taxes and understanding insurance to financing a car and doing laundry, life skills are often the lessons students wished they had learned more in school.

Between meeting the Department of Education requirements and preparing students for their next step with academics and careers, some schools are proactively helping students into this “real world” transition now more than ever with intentional lessons for the everyday adult decisions.

Nebraska TV visited York Public Schools for its first Real World Academy, a day where high school seniors get a crash course of advice from community leaders, and Grand Island Northwest‘s Reality 101 Class, a year-long life skills course.

Whether or not students have the support at home, it often times takes the wisdom of other adults – teachers and community partners – to teach and provide guidance for the new realities that come with growing up and leaving high school behind. Thanks to York Public Schools and Grand Island Northwest for listening to the needs of its students and community and leading by example.

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