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Poverty: Not a Choice

Recently the Nebraska Loves Public Schools team embarked on a new project that challenged us to look at the issue […]

Why the Arts Matter

When school budgets are tight, art programs often find themselves on the chopping block. Today’s definition of arts education has evolved considerably from what it once […]

Hastings: Bouncing to the Beat

Music teacher Kristin Lukow believes that music can be a powerful tool to help build self esteem in elementary schools […]

Lincoln High: All The World’s A Stage

How can a high school theatre program change the course of a student’s life? Teacher Patsy Koch Johns proves that […]

NCECBVI: Lessons In Independence

For blind or visually impaired children, learning how to do their laundry and wash their dishes is as important and […]

Millard: Montessori for Middle School

At Millard Public Schools’ Central Middle School, Montessori-based teaching techniques create empowered, thoughtful and self-motivated young adults. The key components […]