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Choosing Wilson: Challenging Norms to Achieve Student Success

With a focus on leadership, technology, and communication, Wilson Focus School is challenging norms to achieve student success. This elementary school […]

Girls STEAM Academy

With help from community partners in the STEAM industries, one summer program has made a big impact helping young women […]

Urban Agriculture Academy

The Urban Agriculture Academy at Omaha Bryan High School is not your typical ag-education program. In the Academy, students learn […]

Why the Arts Matter

When school budgets are tight, art programs often find themselves on the chopping block. Today’s definition of arts education has evolved considerably from what it once […]

STEM: Key Building Blocks for Our Future

As technology evolves and grows, so does the need for workers with a passion for science, engineering, and mathematics. Grooming […]

Ready to Work

Career education encompasses a wide range of technically-focused curricula and programs – from auto mechanics to culinary arts, welding to […]

Omaha North STEM: Merging Tradition and Technology

As Omaha North High School’s STEM program gained in popularity, it became difficult to coordinate overlapping activities because classrooms and […]

Arnold High: The Education Business

Housed within Arnold High School, School House Graphic Products (SHGP) is both a self-sustaining company and a program of study, […]

Lothrop Magnet: Green Is Good

Science Specialist Pamela Galus was always looking for ways to teach her science students about cause and effect, and about […]

Newman Grove: Student Scientists in Action

The Shell Creek Watershed runs through the town of Newman Grove. The creek is an important water source for this […]

Westside: One-To-One Technology

Westside’s one-to-one laptop program started when Principal Pat Hutchings and school administrators asked themselves “what do students need to know […]

Zoo Academy: On-The-Job In A Most Unique Way

The Papillion-La Vista (PLV) Zoo Academy program at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo takes a unique approach to non-traditional learning by […]

FFA: More than plows, cows and sows

In a state where agriculture offers many career options, how can a school use agriculture education and participation in FFA […]

ESU 4: Energy Academy

Students in ESU 4 love energy. The region is home to Nebraska Public Power District’s Cooper Nuclear Station and Omaha […]

Ainsworth: Students Thinking Outside of the Box

Destination ImagiNation (DI) is an international organization that provides ways for educators to get students’ creative juices flowing to teach […]

Norris Public Schools: Special Education

At Norris Public Schools, students from pre-school through 12th grade can count on a fully integrated approach to special education. […]

Robots Take Over the Classroom

R2D2? Wall-E? The Terminator? None of the above. The favorite machine for hundreds of students across the state of Nebraska […]