Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happening Every Day: Special Education in the Classroom

When we first met Alec and Ms. Gamez in Norris School District #160, it was clear that they had a special connection. In the classroom, Ms. Gamez and the staff at Norris Intermediate School provide the tools, tone and constant encouragement to bring out the best of Alec’s abilities.

When we initially shared Alec’s story, we quickly heard from many other parents and educators all across the state who know students like Alec.

Meet Payton. She’s a student in District 145 who uses a Dynavox to communicate with her peers at school. Similar to Alec, the staff have worked to program this device so she can practice reading with her peers. As you can see she is being very successful with this as she shares L words with her friends.

“We are so happy that Payton has a ‘voice’ and that she can communicate with her peers at school,” principal Dottie Heusman shares. “She is a great addition to Eagle Elementary.”

Students like Alec and Payton are proof that public schools accept all students and see the best in everyone.

Watch Payton in the classroom. 

Watch Alec in the classroom.