Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Poverty: Not a Choice Video Series – Growing Girl (New Video)


When it comes to the one in five children in Nebraska who are food insecure, what does that really look like? When we interviewed the Food Bank for the Heartland, we heard this statistic of hunger articulated in a way that often times speaks louder than the numbers: sometimes the only meal a student gets during the day is at the school building.

Performed by Samantha Payant, “Growing Girl” paints this picture and shows the home life of a hungry school kid in Nebraska.

“A story like this breathes life into every chart and graph on poverty,” the Lincoln Public Schools student said. “It provides a face for the statistics in Nebraska.”

This piece shows the emotional, physical and consequently, the academic toll hunger can take on all aspects of a student’s life and how school can become a needed and necessary refuge.


Poverty: Not a Choice is a special Nebraska Loves Public Schools video series featuring the stories and talent of Nebraska Youth in Poetry. Directed by Patsy Koch Johns, performed by Nebraska students and inspired by true stories of students facing poverty in Nebraska, each segment in this series explores the day-to-day realities faced by public school kids who are living in poverty across the state.