Monday, February 26, 2018

Feel the Love this Friday, March 2

Feel the Love Friday is this Friday – March 2. Here’s your reminder to wear your I Love Public Schools shirt and share something great about your school.

Here’s what Nebraska schools will be talking about Friday. 

As we approach the middle of the semester and snow days seemingly never go away, we want to know what schools are doing to help lift spirits and energize students to get them over the hump.

At Cozad Public Schools’ Makers Fair, staff hosted a student karaoke session during the middle of their lunch break and to the surprise of our crew, these high schoolers took to the stage and embraced the activity. This burst of energy was an incredibly entertaining “brain break” (see the crowd interactions in the video, for reference) to help them focus on the rest of their day.

Start thinking of activities teachers, principals, and school leaders do for students to keep them engaged and excited to be at school during the long winter months. They may be small acts, big traditions, or new rituals, whatever the activity is, it adds character and extra pride in your school community and we want to hear about it. Share with the hashtag #ilovepublicschools (bonus points for including photo/video) and encourage others to join in the conversation.

Watch the video above for some inspiration and share a story online Friday, March 2.