Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Feel the Love Friday: Educators Go Above and Beyond

Feel the Love Friday is this Friday – Oct. 6. Here’s your reminder to wear your I Love Public Schools shirt and share something great about your school.

Here’s what Nebraska schools will be talking about Friday. 

October is National Principals Month and, with the help of Mission Monday, we want to talk about the role principals – and all educators – play in our schools. Specifically, we’re talking about the extra duties that prove our schools go above and beyond for students.

Start thinking of the “other duties” your teachers, principals, and school leaders do for your school community. They may be small acts, seemingly routine, but they are the acts that help build up the character and pride in your school community. Their work is valued and appreciated and we want to hear stories of the people who are inspiring and educating Nebraska’s next generation.

Share with the hashtag #ilovepublicschools (bonus points for including photo/video) and encourage others to join in the conversation. Take a look at a few examples below and share your stories online Friday, Oct. 6.

While filming, we caught Principal Greg Eversoll helping his school’s safety patrol… in the rain.

This simple example sparked this month’s theme. These unexpected acts happen every day.