Thursday, November 19, 2015

Poverty: Not a Choice – Disillusion Pt.1 (NEW VIDEO)

“We are people who just need a helping hand,” students voice in the latest Poverty: Not a Choice piece. “We are kids.”

Entitled ‘Disillusion,’ this performance shows students’ perception of how Americans view those in poverty. Written from their perspective, the students juxtapose how society views the tragic, international symbols of poverty and often times fails to recognize the pockets of inequity and poverty affecting kids in public schools today.

Though this piece is tangential to education, it highlights the struggle youth in our society have with poverty and why it is so important to rid the stereotypes of those families in need.


Poverty: Not a Choice is a special Nebraska Loves Public Schools video series featuring the stories and talent of Nebraska Youth in Poetry. Directed by Patsy Koch Johns, performed by Nebraska students and inspired by true stories of students facing poverty in Nebraska, each segment in this series explores the day-to-day realities faced by public school kids who are living in poverty across the state.