Thursday, September 17, 2015

Season One: For a Better Life

This year, our films have focused on choice. We’ve brought more attention to school choice in Nebraska through our film Consider the Alternative and its accompanying tour across the state. Now, in our second feature-length film, we’re exploring a story where often times parents have no other choice for their families.

While our world faces an international refugee and migrant crisis, Nebraska can feel the effects in its own backyard. For a Better Life highlights the stories of our public schools as they educate immigrant and refugee families who are overcoming obstacles on their path to a better life. In this film, audiences will see what the population looks like in the state and how families coming to Nebraska are welcomed and cared for in our public schools.

When we began production this summer, we visited Czech Days in Wilber, Nebraska to understand the state’s deep-rooted immigrant history,  travelled to the Department of State in Washington, D.C. to understand the national impact on incoming populations and we’ve worked with Lincoln Public Schools’ bilingual liaisons to find families to share what the experience looks like through their eyes.

In our film we hope to bridge a better connection between the immigrant and refugee experience and the American experience to understand our students in our public schools. Below are a few key components driving our story development and production.