Thursday, May 14, 2015

Poverty: Not a Choice Video Series – Born Invisible (New Video)

Titles - Born Invisible
In our previous films, we’ve seen how learning opportunities outside the classroom helps students – especially students from low-income homes – reach their full academic growth and development.

In this coming-of-age story, a student transitions through public school while piecing together the inequalities that exist in his home life and in turn, present themselves in his school life. From an early age, Seth noticed an opportunity gap between himself and his peers – his family couldn’t afford to expose Seth to new environments and experiences; his family could barely afford to keep their home.

“My story is a story of hope,” the former Lincoln Public Schools student said. “You can never give up, even when things are bad you have to keep going.”

Like Seth, most students who struggle with poverty often times rely on a mentor to encourage them through difficult transitions and to support and lift them to a better future. In this piece, Marshall shares how finding that mentor helped transition the trajectory of his life.

“Despite your background, will and courage are the greatest traits and characteristics that make students who they are and who they will become,” Marshall said.


Poverty: Not a Choice is a special Nebraska Loves Public Schools video series featuring the stories and talent of Nebraska Youth in Poetry. Directed by Patsy Koch Johns, performed by Nebraska students and inspired by true stories of students facing poverty in Nebraska, each segment in this series explores the day-to-day realities faced by public school kids who are living in poverty across the state.