Thursday, December 10, 2015

Poverty: Not a Choice Video Series – Adventures (New Video)

In high poverty neighborhoods, the surrounding public schools often face problems with mobility. Each year the numbers fluctuate and, on the surface, these students simply leave their schools and move on to another; but there’s more to the transition that remains unknown.

In “Adventures,” former Lincoln Public Schools student, Tiauna Lewis shares the experience of a child living in transition. Through childhood memories, she explores the chaos of instability, all the while growing up in a world where this is her normal. The piece shows how one student copes with bouncing from home to home and school to school.

“Others can learn what it is like to be a person, repeatedly exposed to transition and contrasting social classes,” the now Swarthmore College freshman said. “This piece serves to make it known how difficult life is for more hidden demographics.”

While mobility does not always translate into changing schools, nearly 5 percent of Nebraska’s students are considered highly mobile, meaning they have enrolled in two or more public schools in one calendar year.


Poverty: Not a Choice is a special Nebraska Loves Public Schools video series featuring the stories and talent of Nebraska Youth in Poetry. Directed by Patsy Koch Johns, performed by Nebraska students and inspired by true stories of students facing poverty in Nebraska, each segment in this series explores the day-to-day realities faced by public school kids who are living in poverty across the state.