Friday, January 19, 2018

10 ways to participate in #ILovePublicSchools Day 2018

On January 24, 2018 we’re kicking off the third I Love Public Schools Day, a day devoted to engaging all citizens in Nebraska to celebrate our teachers, students, and public school communities.

So, what does this mean? It’s simple. On this day, share online why you love public schools. Below are 10 ways you can take action on Nebraska’s own, I Love Public Schools Day:

1. Send us a story of a public school teacher who made a difference.

We are constantly hearing wonderful stories of public school teachers who are changing lives and lifting their students. We want to hear why these educators have been instrumental in your life or the lives of your children.

Share online using #ILovePublicSchools, upload your story here or send us an email and we’ll highlight your story.


2. Tweet a photo at your school using #ILovePublicSchools.

Whether you’re a parent, a student or a teacher, take a picture during the school day and share it with us for everyone to see what’s really happening in our public schools.

Make sure to use the hashtag #ILovePublicSchools.


3. Take a photo in your  I ♥ Public Schools shirt

If you own an I ♥ Public Schools shirt, we want to see you wearing it with pride. Snap a picture – or a selfie, if you dare.

Share your photo online with us using #ILovePublicSchools. (If you don’t have a shirt, don’t worry. Here’s where you can get one).


4. Listen and learn from your student!  

Do you want an insider’s perspective on public schools? Ask a student. Their impression of their school lets you know what kids really think. Listen, learn and understand what days look like at their school. Take a quick video or snap a pic and ask them for their input. Help us all recognize what’s happening at our schools today.

Share your photo or video reflection online using #ILovePublicSchools.


5. Share one reason why public education means something to you.

Each year public schools in Nebraska are shaping our next generation of exceptional young citizens. From increasing our collective civic potential to preparing them for the future with programs in STEM, career readiness, arts education and many more opportunities, public schools are proving the investment. Share one – or many – reasons why you support public education and the services schools provide all our students across the state.

Share online using #ILovePublicSchools.


6. Write about an opportunity provided by your public school. 

From innovative career academies to job shadows to challenging class projects, every year there are more and more opportunities for students to advance their learning and expand their world. Public schools make this possible and every student’s experience is different. Share about a course, class or club that made this difference.

Share online using #ILovePublicSchools, upload your story here or send us an email and we’ll highlight your story.


7. Tell us what makes your public school special. 

Every public school in Nebraska is special but we want to know from you what makes your school stand out. Whether it’s an out-of-the-ordinary program, an inspiring principal or a supportive neighborhood community, we want to know so we can share it with the rest of the state.

Share online using #ILovePublicSchools, upload your story here or send us an email and we’ll highlight your story.


8. Share how public school helped shape and guide you. 

If you’re a public school graduate, here’s your chance to demonstrate your pride and appreciation. Our public school alumni are helping to build up our state and we want to hear from you. Share how your public education shaped who you are today and why it is so important to support students in our public schools today.

Share online using #ILovePublicSchools, upload your story here or send us an email and we’ll highlight your story.


9. Watch a film and learn more about public education in Nebraska. 

From the Career & Technical Education to Early Childhood Education, Community Investment to Health & Wellness, STEM to The Arts, there is plenty to explore and we have a library of films to help everyone understand the value and success our public schools see every day in Nebraska.

Watch now.


10. Donate to your public school’s foundation.

In communities across Nebraska, the public schools’ foundations are the providing extra support for families and students – all of the necessary line items that fall outside of the taxpayer funds. Find a school in your area and provide support.

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